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Disability, Mobility and Road Risk

Disability and road risk are closely interlinked. Road injury is not just a major cause of permanent disability – people with disabilities are also more at risk on the roads. The WHO World Report on Disability points out that “People with disabilities are at a higher risk of non-fatal unintentional injury from road traffic crashes” and other causes. A number of studies have shown greater risks faced by people with different disabling conditions – for example, an injury rate over two times higher for children with autism than for other children.

EASST and the Automobile Club of Moldova (supported by an EASST grant) have carried out an important survey of people with disabilities in Moldova – one third of them children and young people. The survey, published by the UN Office in Moldova, highlighted the impact of unsafe roads and inaccessible transport on the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

EASST is working to extend this work to other countries and raise the issue of mobility for people with disabilities wherever possible.

Download our Disability, Mobility and Road Risk in Moldova report. 

News Results for Disability, Mobility and Road Risk

Disability, Mobility and Road Risk in Kyrgyzstan

14th June 2017 Road Safety Kyrgyzstan survey finds severe inadequacies in infrastructure and transport accessibility for disabled people.

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Identifying pedestrian knowledge, perceptions of and attitudes on road safety in Baku

14th April 2017 EASST partner AMAK tackles pedestrian safety concerns in Azerbaijan with new research report into road safety and pedestrian needs in Baku.

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Road Safety Awareness for Dushanbe Maternity Hospital

3rd February 2017 The Young Generation of Tajikistan work to reduce road safety risks to pedestrians and other road users along the Somoni Avenue highway.

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