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Occupational Road Safety Management

Every day millions of people use roads for work - without a second thought. Yet the Occupational Road Safety Alliance estimates that between one quarter and one third of reported road casualties involve people driving, riding or otherwise using the road for work. The costs associated with occupational road safety are high for employers, employees and impact service delivery, which calls for more action on management of occupational road risk. Reducing road risk of commercial vehicles and public transport could play a very significant role in cutting road fatalities.

EASST Occupational Road Safety Training 2013

EASST Academy

EASST in partnership with Cranfield University and IRU Academy is pleased to offer an online course aimed at improving knowledge and skills in managing road safety at work via the EASST Academy.  Designed for companies and individuals, the course is focused on the link between driver behaviour and crash involvement, highlighting the role of a fleet manager in raising awareness and importance of setting up and communicating road safety policy across the company. 

For more information, visit or download the EASST Academy brochure.

News Results for Occupational Road Safety Management

Moldova’s Seat Belt Advocacy Campaign sees results

14th December 2016 EASST partner, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), report 21% decline in the number of road crashes involving taxis.

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Defensive Driving & First Aid Training for Baku Taxi Drivers

13th December 2016 Over 200 taxi drivers receive essential road safety training in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Seatbelt Advocacy: Taxi Action in Moldova

21st October 2016 The Automobile Club of Moldova are starting to see improvements in the driving behaviour of local taxis as a result of their seatbelt advocacy campaign.

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