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Road Safety Enforcement

A major killer of pedestrians and passengers is speed and drink-driving. Across the EASST region equipment, training and strategies of the road police are in great need of improvement. Some police forces lack the most essential equipment for basic enforcement. Others lack training, and almost none undertake multi-agency strategic planning.

'Seat Belt Slide' - Crash Simulation


Under the auspices of the EU TRACECA Road Safety II programme, Serghei Diaconu has been training other police forces in successful enforcement strategies in four EASST partner countries. Moldova, in particular, has seen a steep decline in road casualties as a result.

Speed Awareness and Driver Rectification

With the support of the UK’s National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS), EASST has conducted a pilot programme to test whether similar courses would assist law enforcement in Moldova, where driver attitudes, circumstances and the road climate are very different. This was the first time that NDORS has approved delivery of its courses outside the UK.

News Results for Road Safety Enforcement

Speeding and Road Safety: the situation and challenges in Kyrgyzstan

10th May 2017 EASST partner Chinara Kasmambetova writes about the road safety challenges in Kyrgyzstan when it comes to speeding and calls on drivers to #slowdown

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Civil Society Workshop - Seat Belt and Eco-Driving Campaign in Dushanbe

3rd May 2017 EASST partners launch new campaign to raise awareness of the importance of wearing seat belts and the benefits of eco-driving in Tajikistan.

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We need to stop trying to reinvent the road safety wheel

24th April 2017 EASST partner Gela Kvashilava writes about Georgia's new challenges in road safety design and enforcement.

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