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Road Safety Governance and Capacity Building

The six dimensions of good governance as defined by the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicator Project (WGI) include:

  • Voice and accountability
  • Political stability and the absence of violence
  • Government effectiveness
  • Regulatory quality
  • Rule of law
  • Control of corruption

Ignoring any of these dimensions can have a significant impact on road safety policy and enforcement, leading to issues such as roads being built straight through villages (with no crossings!), cronyism, a lack of trust in road police, heavy and arbitrary bureaucracy, poorly constructed roads, unsafe and unregulated vehicles, and much more.

Road Safety Awareness Conference in Azerbaijan

EASST Expertise

EASST actively works to challenge bad governance to help combat related issues through promoting partnership working, delivering Road Safety Advocacy training and offering grants to its partner organisations to build local capacity.

Prior to EASST’s establishment, there was limited communication between those working to reduce casualties in the region. Excellent work in one country was not necessarily being shared or replicated, common challenges and solutions were not being communicated, and reliable funding was limited – threatening the sustainability and impact of road safety initiatives. EASST has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of NGOs in the region, providing funding, expertise and support.

News Results for Road Safety Governance and Capacity Building

Urban transport policy: how to make Georgian cities livable

7th March 2017 EASST partner, Gela Kvashilava writes about the important need for urban transport development in Georgia.

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Sustainable Urban Transport for Georgia

7th March 2017 EASST partner, Partnership for Road Safety, to play key role Georgia’s new National Strategy for Sustainable Urban Transport.

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Promoting Road Safety Enforcement in Kyrgyzstan

7th March 2017 EASST partner Chinara Kasmambetova has been appointed to the Kyrgyz Government’s new Public Council where she will be able to fully promote road safety at a national level.

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