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Road Safety NGO

Founded with an EASST grant, Road Safety was the first non-governmental organisation in the Kyrgyz Republic dedicated to promoting road safety and reducing road casualties. Through targeted education and advocacy campaigns Road Safety aims to reduce the toll of road deaths and injuries in Kyrgyzstan, improve road safety governance and public policy, influence road user behaviour, encourage improvements in driver training and promote sustainable mobility. 

The road safety situation in the Kyrgyz Republic requires serious attention. Based on the Asian Development Bank formula for costing road casualties, the scale of death and injury on the roads of Kyrgyzstan cost the economy around $250 million in 2011, or 4.3% of GDP. At 2,190 deaths per million vehicles the road safety problem in the Kyrgyz Republic is one of the worst in the world. The primary victims of crashes in the Kyrgyz Republic are pedestrians, who account for 44% of crashes and 34.5% of deaths – among the highest proportions in the UNECE area. The scale of the problem varies by region with particularly high road casualties in Chuy oblast, Issyk-Kul oblast and Talas oblast. 

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About Road Safety in Kyrgyzstan

Road deaths per 100,000 population: 22.0 (2013, WHO)
Road deaths per 100,000 population: 19.2 (2010, WHO)

Further information regarding Kyrgyzstan can be found on their WHO Country Profile 2015WHO Country Profile 2013, the WHO Interactive Map, and Road Kills Map

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News Results for Kyrgyzstan

“MDBs have a decisive role to play” - driving the challenge to meet the road safety Sustainable Development Goals

23rd November 2017 High-level global conference to facilitate a renewed joint-effort by MDBs to make roads safe and halve road deaths by 2020.

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Poignant ceremony marks the World Day of Remembrance in Kyrgyzstan

17th November 2017 Road Safety Kyrgyzstan host a moving ceremony to remember all those who lost their lives in road traffic crashes this year.

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Every journey. Every child.

23rd October 2017 Road Safety Kyrgyzstan call on everyone to take action to tackle air pollution and make children’s journeys to school safer and healthier.

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