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Our Road Safety partner in Georiga

Partnership for Road Safety 

The Partnership for Road Safety is a non-profit organisation that promotes road safety in Georgia through education and advocacy. It was established in 2006 with support from the FIA Foundation, British Council, and national organisations concerned with the growing number of road deaths in the country. It manages and supports a local programme of initiatives promoting road safety and sustainable mobility in Georgia, as well as funding vital road safety research. 

In 2012, the Partnership for Road Safety were awarded the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of their seat belt advocacy campaign which saw an increase in seat belt use in Georgia from just 2% in 2007 to 97% in 2011, resulting in a 40 per cent decline in road fatalities in only three years.

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About Road Safety in Georiga

Road deaths per 100,000 population: 11.8 (2013, WHO) 
Road deaths per 100,000 population: 15.7 (2010, WHO) 

Further information regarding Georgia can be found on their WHO Country Profile 2015WHO Country Profile 2013, the WHO Interactive Map, and Road Kills Map.

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