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Partner: Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM)

The Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) is an NGO created in 1998 with the goal to develop motoring, technical road assistance service and motor tourism. Since 1999, the АСМ has been a member of the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT) and Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) which includes more than 100 motor clubs and tourist associations around the world.

EASST’s work in Moldova began in 2009 with the launch of a Make Roads Safe Campaign with the ACM, EASST Chairman Lord Dubs, and senior members of the Moldovan government hosted by the World Bank Country Office. This led to the creation of a new National Road Safety Council chaired by the Prime Minister and involving key ministers and the traffic police. The new Council produced a National 5-Year Plan to improve road safety in Moldova. Former President of the ACM, Serghei Diaconu, was appointed Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in 2013. With Mr. Diaconu, the ACM is working to reduce the number of road deaths in Moldova and improve road safety across the country via a multitude of projects and campaigns.  

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Facebook: Make Roads Safe Moldova

Road deaths per 100,000 population: 12.5 (2013, WHO)
Road deaths per 100,000 population: 13.9 (2010, WHO)

Further information regarding Moldova can be found on their WHO Country Profile 2015WHO Country Profile 2013, the WHO Interactive Map, and Road Kills Map

For the latest information on the activities of the ACM please use the news facility below. 

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News Results for Moldova

Road Safety Capacity Building in Moldova

27th June 2016 Evaluation of the TRACECA Road Safety II project confirms its success and provides endorsement for future road safety capacity building in the region.

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Raising Parents' Knowledge of Child Road Safety

24th June 2016 EASST partner, the Automobile Club of Moldova launches a series of workshops aimed at raising parents’ knowledge of child road safety.

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Sober and Safe Villages

17th May 2016 EASST partner, the Automobile Club of Moldova tackles the dangers of drink driving in rural villages

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