EASST is working to save lives and prevent injuries by making road travel safer, greener and more sustainable for future generations.

What we do

Our road safety projects focus on seven priority areas to develop sustainable transport systems and make roads safe across the region.

Children’s Road Safety

Occupational Road Safety Management

Disability, Mobility and Road Risk

Road Safety Enforcement

Post-Crash Response

Road Safety Governance and Capacity Building

Sustainable Mobility

Where we work

Our vibrant and effective alliance of road safety NGOs work across 15 countries in Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia to improve road safety and save lives.


Our library of road safety resources is available for free for anyone interested in saving lives and promoting safe and sustainable transport systems in their country or region.

EASST Expertise

Our international road safety consultancy. We have a large network of experts and specialists with a range of experience in managing, implementing and advising on international road safety projects.

We Support

The Decade of Action for Road Safety has the official goal of reducing road traffic deaths and injuries by at least 50 per cent from 2021 to 2030.

EASST Academy

EASST Academy is an online road safety training platform that enables users to access world-class road safety education via industry experts.

The courses are available for you to access whenever you like, wherever you are. It’s also more affordable than similar traditional classroom style training and you can learn at a time and a pace that suits you.

EASST Road Safety Education Pack

The EASST Road Safety Education Pack is a global teaching resource that provides stimulating and engaging activities to introduce road safety messages and behaviours to kids. 

It can be tailored to local contexts, incorporating the logos of local organisations and NGOs, changing the idiom, names and illustrations as necessary. While the fundamental content and key messages remain the same.

The Education Pack is currently available in eleven languages.