On 4th March 2016, EASST partner organisation, the Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA), marked Police Day by celebrating a decade of success and a 47% reduction in road traffic collisions since 2005.

In his welcoming address, the Minister of Internal Affairs noted a steady decrease in road traffic collisions over the last decade as a result of the National Road Safety Policy implemented by local authorities including the State Traffic Road Police and BKA with the support of EASST.

Since 2005, the number of road traffic collisions in Belarus has decreased from over 7,700 to around 4,100 – a whopping 47% drop – with the number of fatalities on the road decreasing from 1673 in 2005 to 658 in 2015.

While in 2015 alone, the number of road traffic collisions decreased by 9.5%, with 431 fewer instances than the previous year. The number of road fatalities decreased by 31.1% and there were 645 fewer people injured.

These are the lowest rates seen since 1968 despite an ever-growing number of vehicles on the roads.