A donated car seat can save a child’s life

Children's Road Safety, Moldova

In May this year, EASST partners, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) launched the  web-platform www.baby4baby.org as part of their ‘Kind Child Restraint’ project.

The platform aims to make life easier, and safer, for low-income families across the whole country by offering free of charge car restraint systems donated from by others who no longer need them. Since the platform’s launch, around 100 car seats have been donated. This would not have been possible without the kind and heartfelt donors who wish to save lives and improve the situation in Moldova in terms of promoting the correct and safe transportation of children. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has donated their own car seats and, in particular, to the National Patrolling Inspectorate, who have helped us to collect and donate them in every corner of the country.

However, hundreds more children are still waiting, and the ACM intends to do its best to ensure each one has the chance to be safely transported. 

As such, the ACM team are urging everyone to join this innovative programme! If you, or someone you know, has a car seat that is not being used anymore please offer it to someone else who is in great need but can’t afford to buy one for themselves.

To donate, visit www.baby4baby.org and simply click on the “Give a car seat” button to save a life. On the platform you can also find more information or contact the ACM directly. Likewise, if you are in need of a child restraint system, you can click the “Take a car seat” button and fill out the questionnaire.

Car seat beneficiaries are chosen at random by a computer algorithm. The number of donated restrains is entirely dependent on the number received, so please do Donate a car seat from the heart, and save a life! 

The “Kind Child Restraint” project is focused mainly on the creation of a web-donation platform to exchange used car restraint systems. The project’s score aim is to provide support to low-income families with many children and who may face difficulties with the purchase of restraint systems for each child. The project is being implemented by FIA Clubs and EASST partners, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) and the Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA) in their respective countries. The project is financed by the FIA and FIA Foundation within the FIA Road Safety Programme & FIA Action for Road Safety as well as EASST. The project is also supported by the Moldovan Parliament, the National Patrolling Inspectorate, Mama.md, Suntparinte.md, “Oratorul” Theatre, the Ministry of Education, Autoblog.md and Members of the National Road Safety Council.