ACM at the International Security Exhibition 2017

Active Travel and Healthy Streets, Moldova

From 21st–24th September, as part of European Mobility Week, EASST partner the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), together with the National Patrolling Inspectorate, participated in the 16th International Security Exhibition in Moldova.

“Security-2017” is an exhibition of technical resources aimed to ensure public, informational, industrial and anti-inflammatory security, as well as of security services.

During the event, the ACM and NPI focused on the importance of safe and sustainable cities, advising visitors on how they can keep safe on the roads and distributing thematic brochures. They also set up a series of cycle training exercises for kids on their road safety playground.  Children who participated received special prizes from the ACM in the form of copybooks, pencils, stickers, reflectors and t-shirts. A pleasant surprise was teenagers were just as keen to participate as the younger children.

Also on hand, to give road safety information to their friends and peers were representatives of the “Junior Policemen Pluto”. Kids training kids has been a great way to engage children in road safety learning.

Besides the modern equipment and technologies on show at the exhibition, the event culminated with a Protection Force Show featuring the Department of Carabineer Troops of the Ministry of Interior; the Cavalry Patrol of the National Patrolling Inspectorate; the PGI Chinological Center; the Special Battalion of the Special Military Unit Nr.1001 of the DTC; and the Special Police Brigade “Fulger” of the PGI, MIA. This was an exceptional show, which impressed all the spectators.