Attention! Children

1st June marked Children’s Day across EASST’s partner countries, to mark the occasion our Kyrgyz partner Road Safety, in cooperation with Main Department of Patrol Police, installed new road signs outside school No.15 and children’s centre on Dan Syaopin Street to draw the attention of passing traffic of children in the area and reduce speed.

New Standards

Not only are the new signs saving kids lives, but they have introduced a new standard of highly reflective road signs which will help improve road safety in general.

Road signs are one of the main elements of road infrastructure, which inform both drivers and pedestrians. Security and safety on the roads therefore depends on their quality and effectiveness.

Road Safety is calling on local governments, relevant stakeholders and road users to understand the benefits of good-quality signage and to introduce them across the Republic.

The new signs installed this week have been produced by the private company “Vokko” who produce modern road signs, traffic lights and other products of road infrastructure. The use of special reflective films makes products more visible and effective, especially in bad weather at night. They are also hardened to various weather conditions and the environment, making them more sustainable.