Automobile Club of Moldova wins FIA President’s Award for Road Safety

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EASST partner, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) received the prestigious FIA President’s Award for Road Safety at the 2023 FIA Annual General Assembly in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The award, which was presented by FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem on 8th December, comes in recognition of the ACM’s outstanding contribution to improving road safety around school zones in Moldova, including securing a reduction in speed limits around all schools to 30km/h.

As a result of the ACM’s ongoing advocacy efforts, supported by EASST through the FIA Foundation Advocacy Hub, the Republic of Moldova approved amendments to the National Road Regulations mandating that all school zones should have a default maximum speed limit of 30km/h in September 2022. This year, the ACM have further focused their attention on ensuring that schools across the country are able to comply with the new regulations and reap the many benefits that slower speeds bring.

With additional support from the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme and UNICEF Moldova, they used the Star Rating for Schools App to assess three schools in the north of Moldova and implement safe and low-cost ‘tactical urbanism’ interventions to demonstrate how simple infrastructure upgrades can support 30km/h speed limits.

At the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Theoretical High School in Singerei, teachers, parents, and students worked closely with the ACM and local municipal authorities to install a set of interventions to help improve the previously dangerous crossing in front of their school and manage speeds. This included using plastic bollards to narrow the crossing distance and prevent parking, installing high visibility road signs and applying reflective markings and coloured paint to highlight the area as a school zone, and lowering the kerb to make it more accessible.

With work in Balti and Ungheni still underway, the project has opened a dialogue with local authorities and traffic police on how to ensure schools zones in the region are made safer not just through speed limit reductions but also through improved infrastructure and street design.

On receiving the award, ACM Vice-President said,

“The President’s FIA Road Safety Award is a great honour for our Club and a high recognition of the ACM’s daily efforts in road safety. Our team expresses huge gratitude to the FIA and the FIA Foundation for their credit, strong partnership, and continuous support of our initiatives. We hope that the national policy mandating 30km/h speed limits will save lives and help Moldova to reach the UN global road safety goals.”

All of us at EASST are so proud of the ACM and their achievements, and look forward to supporting further implementation in 2024.