Road Safety in Azerbaijan

Our local road safety partners

We support road safety in Azerbaijan through our local partners, the National Automobile Club of Azerbaijan (AMAK), member of Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) which specialises in providing full-scale roadside assistance, motoring advice along with exclusive benefits to the club members.

AMAK actively promotes road safety and is the only civil society organisation implementing road safety projects and initiatives in the country. AMAK is currently developing a number of advocacy campaigns calling for policy changes on a number of issues with regards to road safety education, the use of child restraint systems in cars, and accessible mobility for people with disabilities. Cooperation with government agencies, including the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as transport agencies such as State Road Police and Ministry of Transport is a fundamental part of their work. 

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In addition, HAYAT International Humanitarian NGO was one of the founding members of EASST. Established in 1993 with an initial focus of responding to the influx of the thousands of refugees and IDPs resulting from the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, HAYAT has accumulated vast experience in community development, mobilization and public awareness campaigns, leading large scale. As an EASST partner, HAYAT NGO works to reduce road fatalities and injuries in Azerbaijan.

Among other areas, the team at HAYAT NGO have worked to increase seat belt usage and to clarify the law on child restraints as well as promote their correct use.



Azerbaijan Road Safety Facts

31% of road deaths in Azerbaijan involve alcohol.

2.5% of road traffic victims remain permanently disabled.

There are on average 943 road fatalities every year.

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