Last month, EASST partner and FIA member, the National Automobile Club of Azerbaijan (AMAK), organised events across Baku to promote both the International Automobile Federation (FIA)’s Stay Bright campaign and TISPOL’s European Day Without A Road Death (Project EDWARD).

On 21st -22nd September AMAK, in partnership with the Center for Extracurricular Activities № 46 and the State Traffic Police Department of Baku, visited five local schools as part of the FIA’s Stay Bright campaign, raising awareness amongst teachers and pupils on the importance of being visible to drivers and staying bright.

Following these meetings, and in support of Project EDWARD on 23rd September, AMAK launched a 3-day campaign at the Besh Martaba circle in Baku involving over 500 pupils from eight different schools across the city. The campaign saw students, dressed in police uniforms, stopping drivers and pedestrians and reminding them about the importance of road traffic rules and the dangers if they are not followed, particularly at pedestrian road crossings. Passers-by were also offered road safety materials including fluorescent stickers, reflective key chains of the Stay Bright campaign and informative leaflets about AMAK and Child Restraint Systems to help them keep safe and visible on the road. Accompanying the young people were representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as high-ranking representatives of the State Traffic Police and various media outlets.

About AMAK

AMAK was founded in 1999 and became an FIA member in 2015. AMAK is an automobile club that provides its members with exclusive bonus and discount programmes; it also provides services such as road assistance, and advice on technical and legal issues related to automobiles. AMAK is a representative of the automobilists in government agencies by giving a voice to their needs and concerns. It helps to develop automobile tourism and club culture in Azerbaijan. Moreover, one of the main goals of AMAK is to deliver training for drivers, and raise awareness among drivers and pedestrians to improve road culture and actively promote road safety through various research projects.

As well as working with EASST, AMAK is involved in ongoing projects with international partners such as the FIA, FIA Foundation, as well as, the British Embassy in Baku, State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Education, Avtostop Media and other local partners.