EASST’s Georgian partner and key adviser, Gela Kvashilava, was interviewed by the BBC World Service in May 2013 on several issues close to his heart.

He told the radio audience about the road safety education programme launched by the Partnership for Road Safety Foundation – a Georgian road safety organisation he founded in 2006 to combat the high number of road deaths in the country. Following a pilot road safety education project in schools, the topic has now been approved for inclusion in the curriculum.

Gela Kvashilava (centre) during Global Road Safety Week 2013

He highlighted one of the Foundation’s key achievements to date – the adoption of a law making seat belt wearing mandatory for drivers and front passengers. Following several years of campaigning, the law was passed and seat belt wearing rates rose from 1% to 98% (drivers) and 97% (front passengers) – a huge achievement that saw a measurable reduction in road fatalities. Mr Kvashilava emphasised that this was achieved due to a successful partnership between various groups such as the police, government, civil society and the media. He stressed partnership as key to casualty reduction

For their outstanding efforts, the Partnership for Road Safety Foundation has been awarded a prestigious Prince Michael Road Safety Award.

The radio programme was aired in late May 2013 as part of the BBC World Service Sportshour series with Mr Kvashilava also discussing motor sport in Georgia.