Last week, EASST partner, Road Safety Kyrgyzstan, attended a meeting convened by the Education Department of the City Hall of Bishkek.

The meeting was focused on children’s safety and the prevention of juvenile delinquency. Issues discussed included fighting, school racketeering, drug abuse and the number of children being involved in road traffic collisions.

In response to this final issue, Road Safety Kyrgyzstan presented the EASST Road Safety Education Pack to the Education Department and other stakeholders in attendance, including Vice-Mayor Mr Ryskulov, principles of local schools, heads of regional education centres, representatives of the Bishkek Police Department, and representatives of several NGOs.

The Road Safety Education Pack is aimed at three age groups: children under 6 (pre-school age in EASST partner countries); children 6-11 years old; children 12-14 has been designed specifically to reflect the risks, challenges and conditions in low and middle-income countries, and have the widest relevance possible.

Following the meeting Road Safety Kyrgyzstan were approached by a number of education centres and schools who wished to sign up to the training. While over 100 EASST Road Safety posters were distributed.

Over the coming months Road Safety Kyrgyzstan will be piloting the education pack in a number of schools around Bishkek with the aim of keeping children safer on the roads.