In a bid to get families to think about their safety on the roads, EASST partner the Belarussian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA) has been asking Belarusian families “What Does Your Family Mean To You?” Knowing that family is something no one wants to lose, the BKA has developed the project ‘Belarusian Family for Road Safety’ to encourage parents to think more about their own safety and that of their children.

Working with the Traffic Police in Minsk

In Belarus, it is common for drivers and passengers to travel without using a seat belt and many families do not use child restraints due to the high cost. With the help of the BKA team, parents and children are being encouraged to use the appropriate seat belts and restraints. The BKA has designed special t-shirts (pictured) with safety slogans directed towards parents to encourage seat belt and child restraint use, such as ‘Parents, fasten me – save the life you gave me!’ and ‘Daddy/Mummy, fasten your seat belt! I am always waiting for you at home, I love you’.

Distributing the t-shirts

Together with the Road Traffic Police, the BKA distributed the safety t-shirts in kindergartens, schools and public areas – particularly during UN Global Road Safety Week. The project is widely reported in the media with the involvement of celebrities and a TV programme, ‘Magistral’, was aired to further promote seat belt use.

The BKA hopes that the t-shirt design of a seat belt in the form of human hands will serve as a reminder that our lives are in our hands and dependent on our own actions.

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