Police specialists from around the globe were brought together by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Health Team on February 27th in New York City to share knowledge and experience on road safety enforcement. The group included eight road policing experts from the UK, Ireland, Australia, the USA and Moldova.

The Moldovan example of sustained and effective police reform was described by Serghei Diaconu, who as Chief of the Moldovan Police and then Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs spearheaded the reform programm e. Serghei has now been appointed Chief Advisor to the new Moldovan Prime Minister, Chiril Gaburici, on Law Enforcement, Judicial Reform and Anti-Corruption Strategies. The result of these reforms has been a marked increase in public support for road policing, a reduction in reported cases of petty corruption by road police and a substantial drop in road casualties.

Bloomberg Philanthropies called the meeting of police experts as part of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, providing support for implementation of evidence-based road safety interventions in 10 cities around the world. The expert group, brought together for the first time under this initiative, helped to identify ten key lessons for good road safety policing, including the importance of high-level political support; multi-departmental partnership and working with communities; and the importance of investing in police skills, equipment and road safety performance.

For further details of the meeting and the police enforcement strategy follow this link: www.bloomberg.org/blog/police-enforcement-critical-component-changing-behavior-road-users/

Road Safety Enforcement and Traffic Policing in Moldova

Road Safety Enforcement and Traffic Policing in MoldovaThis report by the Automobile Club of Moldova is based on the results of a police exchange programme organised between Moldova, Georgia and the UK at the request of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. The report describes the key areas where police reform and support are clearly needed, and to point to issues requiring attention.