On 18 October, representatives of EASST partner, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), held road safety lessons for children from the Young Talents Club of the Theatre of Young Talents “Oratorul”.

ACM representatives teach children at the Theatre of Young Talents vital Road Safety lessons

The basic objectives of the lesson were to familiarise the young pedestrians with the importance of respecting road traffic rules and promoting proper and conscious behaviour on the road.

The lesson was very interactive, with games and videos, so children had the opportunity to learn about road traffic rules, and how to implement them in practice.

Teaching children about road traffic rules

The little participants proved to be very active, getting involved in the activities of the lesson with a great enthusiasm. They received gifts from the ACM which included, reflective accessories and school supplies (notebooks with traffic rules, pencils, leaflets), all of which are necessary in engaging children to be cautious pedestrians.

The ACM and Theatre of Young Talents “Oratorul” have already pursued several joint initiatives based around promoting road safety in Moldova, such as the launch of the road safety spectacle for children “Alex in the city”, actions and flash mobs on raising the awareness of respecting traffic rules.

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