A special event was held recently in the Culture House of the village of Congaz, in the Comrat region of Moldova. A party of road safety experts and professionals from the UK together with Tatiana Mihailova of EASST partner the Automobile Club of Moldova, arrived to a warm welcome by Mayor Michael Esir and other local officials including Deputy Governor Oleysa Tanasoglo. The UK and ACM contingent brought with them donations of childrens car seats, reflective clothing, and sports uniforms, all to be distributed to the villagers of Congaz. 
The donations were made as part of an ongoing project entitled ‘Capacity Building of Civil Society in the Field of Road Safety in Moldova’ which has brought together several partner organisations: the Automobile Club of Moldova, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, british partner companies Kier and IOSH, and with support from EASST, all of whom have been working together with a shared goal: the reduction of injuries to children through traffic.
ACM's Tatiana Mihailova hands over a donated car seatACM’s Tatiana Mihailova thanked the event hosts, and noted the importance of cooperation between the Gagauz authorities and the non-governmental sector, saying  “We are pleased that you have found time and come to support us, because without the help of the authorities, for us as an NGO, it would be very difficult to continue our work. For us it is very important to have your support.”
In turn, Deputy Governor Olesya Tanasoglo thanked the ACM and guests from the UK for their assistance and teaching children the rules of the road. “We are all road users, and to comply with the relevant rules of the road is very important.”
A representative of IOSH, Ian Harper said at the event, “We give you the children’s car seats, and reflective vests to protect your life and the lives of your children.”EASST is proud to support this initiative and to continue its cooperation with Kier, the EBRD and IOSH to promote safer roads in our partner countries

Tatiana Mihailova
Automobile Club of Moldova