In the Kyrgyz Republic, 141 children died on the roads in 2013 and another 1399 received injuries – a figure our local partner based in the capital Bishkek is trying to reduce. Road Safety NGO is the only NGO of the Kyrgyz Republic dedicated to promoting road safety and was founded with a grant from EASST. It is led by Chinara Kasmambetova who, as a mother, is particularly alarmed by this recent data.

To this end, Road Safety NGO held activities on 1st June in partnership with the Education Department of the Mayor’s Hall. Based at Dubovy Park in Bishkek, Chinara distributed leaflets to hundreds of park visitors, providing valuable information and advice on how to keep children safe on the roads.

Chinara was joined by a team of young volunteers (dressed in blue) who regularly assist her with promoting key road safety messages to youngsters.

Further information about the activities of Road Safety NGO can be found on their website: