At a round table event on 28th July 2015 in Bishkek, Chinara Kasmambetova of Public Association ‘Road Safety’ proposed the formation of an advisory group, working towards improving the standards of all aspects of road safety within Bishkek. The proposal was met with great support and enthusiasm and has been accepted into the resolution program. 
In the region of 40 private companies work in the passenger transportation industry in Bishkek, yet recent statistics show that many of these are not of an adequate standard. According to recent data from the City Transport Administration of Bishkek Mayor’s Office, of 400 drivers (from both public and private transportation companies) ordered to retake the Road Safety Rules exam, only 13 drivers: 3.25% passed. According to a report by the Examining Commission’s representative, of 122 minibus drivers, only 17 drivers have passed the test, whereas 105 (86%) have failed. Many drive without a valid license, with no alcohol testing, with low standards of hygiene applied to the drivers and their transportation.
In conclusion at the round table event, it was agreed with the Head of Traffic Police Internal Affairs of Bishkek; Z. Dzhabaeva, that discussion on these and other urgent issues, should begin as soon as possible in the Bishkek Mayor’s Office.
Chinara Kasmambetova
Public Association ‘Road Safety’