Cycling proficiency training for children in Belarus

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On 2nd September EASST partner the Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA) along with the Road Traffic Police of Belarus held a large-scale family action at Minsk water park Lebyazhy day on the “ABC of roads”. Children of all ages and their parents gathered to learn about traffic rules in through a variety of activities including contests, quests, quizzes and a spectacular motor show.

Be a 5 star parent

As part of their project supported by the FIA, the BKA held a stall with child restraint expert Serghey Belskiy where they presented parents with information in child restraint systems and how they can keep their children safe in the car.

Safe Pedals

The BKA also took advantage of this event to further its “Safe pedals” project. Ensuring children know how to safely ride their bikes on the road.

In Belarus cycling is becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, however, this has also led to an increased number of road traffic colissions involving cyclists and there are no laws or standards in Belarus around wearing helmets or reflective clothing. As a result, in 2016 at least twelve children were killed whilst riding their bikes on the road.

As part of the event partners from Ovchinnicov’s School of Extreme Driving and the bicycle shop M-velo kindly provided bicycles, scooters and segways. The BKA then organised open-air training for children on safe bicycle riding. The children practiced how they should pass obstacles in the road by weaving between traffic cones and learned how to react to dangerous road traffic conditions.

Children and parents also took part in a quiz to test their knowledge on the highway code for cyclists and the importance of wearing a helmet and bright clothing.

Each child received a brochure with useful information on safe bicycle riding, reflective elements and “Safe Pedals” stickers. The most active cyclists received a stuffed BKAshka toy and bicycle helmets. Parents were given car polish.

The BKA also held sessions with parents on how to make the right choice of bike for their child, according to their age and physical development, and consulted them on technical maintenance of the bicycles.

This project is supported by EASST and aims to help children be safer on the roads.