Drink driving is a leading cause of road traffic collisions, injuries and deaths globally. With this in mind, EASST partner the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) has been carrying out its “Don’t Drink and Drive!” campaign during July-September 2015 with the aim of reducing drink driving in Moldova. The focus of the campaign has been on Moldova’s night clubs which were identified as the venues most likely to result in members of the public drink driving.

The launch event of the campaign was held in August at the Muz Café night club which is a partner in the project. The action was supported by local pop singer Dianna Rotaru, who is a Road Safety Ambassador in Moldova, committed to the ACM’s goal to decrease the number of road crashes and deaths in Moldova.

“I take my responsibility to not drive after consuming alcohol and I call all of you to ask a friend or use a taxi when you drink alcohol, in order to keep yourself and others safe. If you are a passenger, please don’t accept somebody to drive if he/she is drunk, but find an alternative to arrive home alive. As a pedestrian, you also can alert somebody if you see he intends to drive under the influence of alcohol. As for me, I choose to not drink and drive, because I choose LIFE!” said Dianna Rotaru in her speech to the clients of the night club.

The Road Safety Ambassador worked with the ACM and night club to promote road safety competitions and hand out thematic gifts such car fresheners and leaflets. The ACM team disseminated leaflets with useful information on the risks of drink driving, about national legislation, and the statistics of drink driving. The team also focused on the penalties of driving whilst drunk, the limits allowed, and the consequences of such actions.

A video of the launch event and campaign can be found here: 

The ACM team and its partners will carry on organising similar events in other localities of Moldova in order to deliver prevention messages to the risk groups.

The action is organised by the ACM and National Patrol Inspectorate within the Road Safety Awareness Campaign (in partnership with the TRACECA Road Safety Project II) and funded by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile and FIA Foundation.

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