EASST Academy Road Safety at Work Online Course now available in Russian

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With financial support from BP Russia, we are very excited to be launching our online training course on safe fleet management in Russian language.

Developed together with Cranfield University and IRU Academy, our fully accredited ‘Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers’ is designed to give managers and businesses the skills needed to deliver and sustain a robust road safety management strategy.

Globally there are 1.25 million deaths each year related to road traffic collisions. With one in three road crashes taking place when people are driving for work purposes, reducing the risk of commercial vehicles and public transport globally could play a very significant role in cutting road fatalities and achieving the targets of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. Evidence has shown that businesses that adopt a thorough approach to driver safety can also benefit from reduced insurance, less damage to vehicles and goods, better staff retention and a significant reduction in working time lost through crashes.


Patrick Philipp, Head, IRU Academy said:

“We are excited about the first universal digital training course in the field of managing fleet safety and are confident that this course will offer managers the key knowledge necessary to instill a culture of road safety awareness in their organisations.”

The course is accessible online 24/7 and has no geographical boundaries.

Through a series of 10 video lectures, quizzes and reading materials, the course uses real-life examples and case studies to give those who manage road safety at work the competencies and skills they need to safely manage a fleet of vehicles – awarding them at the end with an accredited certificate of completion.

Dmitry Sambuk, Director of Development and Education, EASST said:

“We at EASST believe that road safety training and education are extremely important. We are glad to see this course now available in Russian thanks to the financial support of BP Russia. This online course now will enable fleet and transport managers in even more countries to acquire competencies in the basic skills of managing a fleet of vehicles more safely and efficiently.”

Compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones, the course can be accessed now at: www.easstacademy.org/ru

Download the course brochure in Russian here.