Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan has been actively discussed within the country, with experts and civil society representatives debating the various approaches to transforming law enforcement structures and ensuring transparency of those responsible for public safety.  In order to advance this process, the Ministry invited law enforcement experts and representatives from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey to attend an international conference in Bishkek on 27th July 2012.

EASST Advisory Board Member Gela Kvashilava took part in the international conference as the Georgian representative. He shared information on the successful Georgian reforms carried out within the traffic police, police academy, the personnel recruitment system, and other spheres.

Gela Kvashilava (sixth from left) provides expertise on the succesful Georgian reforms

Mr Zariblek Risaliev, Minister for Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, declared that the Ministry is ready for change. According to the example of reform of the patrol police of Georgia, reform of the road police of Kyrgyzstan is already underway – structural changes are being implemented along with the purchase of 35 specialist cars equipped with video registrars and GPS, purchased with the help of funds granted by foreign donors. Sixty five more cars will be delivered in August.

The experts approved the project worked out by the intergovernmental commission of Kyrgyzstan, which relies heavily on the Georgian experience of reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.