EASST is delighted to announce that its Celebrity Ambassador, 2011 Eurovision Winner ‘Nikki’, has released her latest single ‘Can’t Let You Go’. The music video, which is part-funded by EASST, delivers a road safety message to Nikki’s fans highlighting the importance of seat belt use and other key road safety messages. Speaking at the annual International Road Safety Congress in St Petersburg last month, Nikki explained her motivations for supporting EASST and the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety:

“As a mother of two, road safety is a cause I feel passionate about. I want to see much more done to protect children on our roads especially given that road crashes are the biggest killer of young people worldwide. I want to help reverse this shocking trend and hope to use my music to influence and reach young people who may not be receiving key road safety messages by other means.”

The much-anticipated video can be viewed here:

© 2012 Baku Music Factory
Written by: Sarah West, Kim Zorde & Boe Larsen
Director: Alex Lamakh
Cast: Oleg Zagorodnii, Valeriya Lakhina
Executive Producer: Olga Danyukova
Producer: Isa Melikov

Made with support from EASST, Road Safety Fund and HAYAT