EASST and FIRE AID members review Georgia’s immediate post-crash system

Georgia, News, Post-Crash Response

Earlier this month we joined forces with FIRE AID member, the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO), to undertake a review of Georgia’s immediate post-crash system with the aim of identifying areas within the system which may benefit from support by the UKRO IDP and FIRE AID partners. The team, Cameron Black, Emma MacLennan and Gela Kvashilava of the Partnership for Road Safety met with representatives from the National Emergency Management Service (EMS), National Road Police Service and the National Call Centre/Service Dispatch Centre. All meetings proved to be extremely worthwhile and very informative which helped to build a picture of Georgia’s immediate post-crash care capability.

The scoping mission is a natural development of the existing work being done by EASST and its partners in the development of prevention initiatives and programmes across the region. The immediate post-crash care review is the next vital stage which brings together the essential elements of road safety through meaningful and effective prevention and intervention. 

Through the discussions it became clear that there are areas where assistance could be provided. Examples include, train the trainers, development of rural fire and rescue capability and the introduction of the Rescue Challenge concept which promotes and upholds sustainable development in immediate post-crash care. 

Improved emergency care could address over half the road deaths in low- and middle income countries, saving half a million live every year and making a significant impact on road casualty reduction globally.