Vusal Rajabli, President of HAYAT – EASST’s partner in Azerbaijan – organised a successful meeting with the Chief of the State Road Police of Azerbaijan to discuss cooperation to promote the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety 2011-2020. The meeting was also attended by EASST’s Director Emma MacLennan and Avi Silverman, Head of International and Public Affairs at the FIA Foundation and Hadi Rajabli MP, Head of the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Social Policy. General Ramiz Zeynalov expressed his commitment to the essential task of reducing road casualties in Azerbaijan and welcomed a joint approach to achieving this aim. EASST will continue its collaboration with the State Road Police to raise road safety awareness and promote the goals of the UN road safety decade.

EASST’s and the FIA Foundation’s road safety Ambassador in Azerbaijan is the 2011 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Nigar Jamal (“Nikki”). Nikki met with EASST supporters in Baku, providing inspiration to a new steering group being organised by HAYAT to mark the first anniversary of the launch of the UN Decade of Action with an event in Baku planned for May 2012.

Nikki meeting with HAYAT and EASST supporters in Baku

(l-r) Vusal Rajabli, Emma MacLennan, General Ramiz Zeynalov, Hadi Rajabli MP, Avi Silverman