EASST’s Belarussian partner, the Belarussian Auto Motor Touring Club (BKA), has had a significant impact on road user behaviour in the capital city of Minsk as a result of the promotion of its new road safety video which highlights the importance of seat belt use and the danger of speeding.

Two versions of the video were produced – a short version for use on TV and public screens, and a longer version for promotion on social networks such as YouTube and Facebook.

Between June and October 2012, the number of people involved in crashes who were not wearing seat belts declined by 13% and the number of speeding offences dropped by 54% during this period.

The videos, part-funded by EASST, were aired across Minsk in cooperation with the Road Traffic Police who also collated road traffic data on a daily basis from June to October. This project was the first of its kind funded by EASST in Belarus and its results have been extremely encouraging.

The longer version of the unique video can be viewed here: