In his capacity as EASST Advisory Board member and international consultant Gela Kvashilava was invited by the OSCE office in Kyrgyzstan to visit the capital Bishkek in late June 2012.

Mr Kvashilava was asked to contribute to the drafting of a public outreach campaign strategy for the pilot project ‘Promotion of Reflectors in the Schools of Kyrgyzstan’ as part of the ongoing OSCE Police Reform Programme (PRP).

The project aims to introduce and promote the use of reflectors by children in order to make them more visible on the roads and therefore decrease the number of child fatalities and injuries in Kyrgyzstan.

The OSCE project will engage with a coalition of bodies and organizations including: the Ministry of Education, the Traffic Police, the parliament, schools, hospitals, the local community, the media, private companies, NGOs, and international organizations.

In developing this partnership, Mr Kvashilava arranged a series of meetings during his visit to Bishkek with government, NGO, business and civil society representatives.

One such meeting was held with Ailchieva Elena Valentinovna of the Kyrgyz Traffic Police Department (pictured), where the pilot project and campaign strategy details were discussed. EASST hopes that the Light Reflector Project, through the new partnership model, will reach high visibility in Kyrgyzstan and will lay the foundation to address road safety in the most effective way.