Georgia Bosnia Herzegovina Road Safety CooperationThe Georgian “Partnership for Road Safety” is beginning to cooperate with Bosnia Herzegovina on the road safety issues. Representative from the Road Safety Department of the Bosnia Herzegovina has contacted “Partnership for Road Safety” last month with a request to share with them the Georgian successful experience of running seat belt campaigns in the country in 2007-2011 and provide them with video materials and TV adverts created, run and used by the “Georgian Partnership for Road Safety”. All the requested commercial materials along with different video-clips and researches on seat belt campaigning were shared with the Bosnia Herzegovina Road Safety Department free of charge. Bosnia Herzegovina Road Safety Department began to use the materials for their campaign in order to increase usage of seat belt and overall awareness on this issue. Now both Bosnia Herzegovina Road Safety Department and The Georgian “Partnership for Road Safety” are setting up continuous cooperation in order to share legislative experience on seat belt usage and campaigning strategy.

You can get more information about road safety campaigns and activities run by the Georgian “Partnership for Road Safety” here: