With the support of the Estonian government Georgian “Partnership for Road Safety” (www.safedrive.ge) began the construction project for the first regional Traffic Safety Centre for school and preschool aged children in Georgia.

The main focus of the center  is to raise childern’s awareness through practical training on school’s traffic grounds, ensure Georgian school teachers pay attention to the traffic education in schools and promote the use of bicycles. With the support from the Estonian partners new traffic caFuture first regional Traffic Safety Centre in Tbilisimpus will be built at public school and kindergarten in Tbilisi.  This new traffic campus will be built using example of the existing campus located in Võru County, Estonia.

The grounds of the Traffic campus will reflect real traffic situations with real traffic signs, traffic lights, and bicycle routes. Georgian school pupils will receive nearly real road experience by participating in traffic ground training. Within the project traffic primers, leaflets, bicyclist’s workbooks, certificates ‘I am a good pedestrian’, bicycles and other road safety related information materials will be spread.  A special movie on the traffic ground’s work will be prepared.

By spring 2012 all the equipment will be installed, local teachers trained and the centre will be opened. Thousands of Georgian children will have the opportunity to increase their awareness of road safety and to be entertained at same time. All of this will be free of charge. The center will be built at the First Experimental Public School in Tbilisi and will cover about 1000 square meters. The center will be available for thousands of Georgian pupils and kindergarten children.