On 1st October 2015, EASST Advisor and Director of EASST-funded Road Safety NGO in Kyrgyzstan, Chinara Kasmambetova, took part in the multi-stakeholder consultation on road safety with other NGOs in Geneva, by invitation of the UNECE.

In Kyrgyzstan more than 1,000 people die every year on the roads and up to 10,000 people are injured annually.  Chinara is working to decrease these figures, with EASST support, by a variety of initiatives targeted at the most vulnerable road users.

Chinara Kasmambetova established the first road safety NGO in Kyrgyzstan with EASST funding

The consultation provided an opportunity for Chinara and other representatives to explore working methods, project ideas, and best practice for road safety initiatives. This multi-stakeholder consultation was held with the participation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, other UN agencies, World Health Organisation, representatives of UN member countries including Russia, Germany and Switzerland, and was held with the participation of the new UN Special Envoy for Road Safety who exchanged views and ideas.

More information about Chinara’s work can be found here: EASST Kyrgyzstan