EASST’s partner in Kyrgyzstan, the newly founded “Road Safety” NGO, was one of the organizers of the “Driving with Respect” event which took place at the main square “Ala Too” in Bishkek on 9th October 2012.

Road Safety NGO Director, Chinara Kasmambetova (far right), with the Young Inspectors

This event was one of several monthly activities dedicated to road safety in the Kyrgyz capital city Bishkek held by the City Development Agency under the Mayor of Bishkek and Bishkek Traffic Department. Thirty five ‘Young Inspectors’ from six schools (1, 18, 38, 68, 73, 24) were involved and were tasked with distributing road safety materials prepared by Road Safety NGO and the OSCE.

The NGO staff and Young Inspectors distributed three coloured ribbons and car air fresheners with the slogan “I am – for driving with respect!” and with the logo of the NGO.

With assistance from the Bishkek Traffic Department drivers were stopped and informed of the key road safety messages

It was explained to drivers that the activity was dedicated to promoting respectful driving and drivers were asked to adopt a respectful attitude towards other drivers and users of the road .

Further details of the event can be found vialocal news website:

K-News online Agency: http://www.knews.kg/ru/society/22661/

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