On 1st June 2012, EASST’s Belarusian and Georgian partners recognised International Children’s Day in the capitals of Minsk and Tbilisi respectively. In Belarus, EASST’s partner the Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club (BKA) held an event called the ‘Colors of Childhood’ at Gorky Park, Minsk, in partnership with Prazdnik.by.

Parents were invited to learn more about the use of child car seats

At the event, children were encouraged to learn about the rules of the road by solving riddles and taking part in road safety quizzes. Parents and children were able to improve their knowledge of child safety by visiting a special road safety area.

With its new partner, Retail Plus, the BKA delivered a presentation on the importance of using child restraints – the use of which is not obligatory in the Republic of Belarus but recommended for all children until the age of 12. Parents and children were able to examine a variety of models of the child seats (pictured above) and learn how to use them correctly. The demonstration revealed that most parents did not know how to use the restraints properly – an issue the BKA addressed by allowing parents to practice using the seats with their children.

Informational booklets and other items were distributed to reinforce the road safety message

The BKA and other event organisers made a special emphasis on the different kinds of child restraints suitable for each age category and presented a universal model that can be used until the age of 12 – useful for many parents who cannot afford to buy more than one seat as their child gets older. Children and their parents were given light reflecting signs, and brochures and badges on seat belts and child restraints (pictured below).

EASST’s Georgian partner, the Partnership for Road Safety Foundation, provided the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Georgia with traffic signs, traffic lights, bicycle riding licenses, and other items for a cycling day arranged for children to mark International Children’s Day.

The Georgian event for International Children's Day

After competing in cycling races (pictured above) and learning traffic rules, the children were awarded with bicycle riding licenses. The Partnership for Road Safety ensured that the children participating learnt the rules of the road in a fun and safe environment. At the event, the Ministry launched its new website for children: www.kids.police.ge, containing information, games, contests and news about the Ministry.