Supported by EASST, the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) and the Automobile Club of Transnistria (ACT) have been cooperating since our launch in 2009 to raise awareness of road safety and save lives, sharing ideas and expertise. In February 2012 EASST Director Emma MacLennan joined them in the Moldovan capital Chisinau for a meeting with the Head of Transport in Tiraspol, the Transnistrian capital, to discuss future cooperation to reduce road casualties.

Mr Eduard Guţol of the Tiraspol municipality expressed his support for the work of the ACT in raising awareness of road safety. He outlined the many challenges faced by Transnistria, and the far-reaching improvements which will be needed to road infrastructure, road policing and road user behavior. EASST and its partners underlined their readiness to assist. They will continue to cooperate in their future projects, and have plans to work with municipalities to build road safety capacity on both sides of the Dniester River.


L-R: Vitaly Rotar, Automobile Club of Transnistria, Tatiana Mihailova, Automobile Club of Moldova, Eduard Guţol, Tiraspol Municipality, Emma MacLennan, Director, EASST