Road Safety Education Pack


The award-winning EASST Road Safety Education Pack is a global teaching resource that provides stimulating and engaging activities to introduce road safety messages and behaviours to kids. To date, thousands of children across the world have been taught using the Pack and EASST has heard great reports of children reminding their parents to fasten their seat belts and not use their mobile phones while driving as a result of the lessons.

The pack has been developed in co-operation with our EASST Partners as well as highly experienced UK road safety experts including the UK Government’s Think! Campaign. It has been tailored to reflect the risks, challenges, and conditions in low and middle-income countries.

Split into three sections targeted at under 6s, 6-11 year olds and 12-14 year olds, the pack provides the resources you need to teach children and young people basic road safety principles in an age-appropriate way by using simple, fun, educational activities.

The key principles underlying all the activities in the EASST Road Safety Education pack are:

  • Awareness of traffic and its dangers.
  • Good behaviour around roads.
  • Making safe choices to keep you and others safe.

The topics in each section vary according to the target age group, but they all relate to our key principles, helping teach road safety in a variety of formal and informal educational settings.


In 2022, the EASST Road Safety Education Pack was awarded an International Prince Michael Road Safety Award for its “outstanding success”.

Why Teach Road Safety?

On average more than 500 under 18’s die on the world’s roads each day. Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people in every world region.

Road safety is vital for children and young people. It is never too early to teach them about basic safety skills. In particular, children are at risk because:

  • They are smaller so find it harder to see, and be seen by, drivers.
  • They are less able to recognise dangerous situations and lack the maturity to make good decisions about safe behaviour.
  • They are physically smaller and so are more likely to be hurt by an impact.

Educators can protect children by teaching them life-saving messages and skills. Making young people aware of the risks and providing them with strategies to remain safe are important parts of their development.

Road Safety is a great subject for engaging children and young people. Even the youngest child will know something about it, because everyone uses roads and road safety impacts everyone.


The EASST Road Safety Education Pack is available for anyone to use as free resource.

It can be tailored to local contexts, incorporating the logos of local organisations and NGOs, changing the idiom, names and illustrations as necessary. While the fundamental content and key messages remain the same.

The Education Pack is currently available in 16 languages. Across the EASST region, our partners are all fully trained in how to use the Pack, and are available to deliver Train the Trainer session upon request.

For more information on the Pack, for versions in different languages, training, or to find out how you can tailor the Pack to your local needs, get in touch.


We are very grateful to the Think! Campaign for their support in developing the pack.

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Check out the Think campaign’s top tips for making road safety stick.



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