The Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport has partnered with GLOWkids, a UK company producing fun, high visibility clothing for children. GLOWkids was established by Caroline King, a graphic designer and mother of two boys, who knew from her own experience how important it is to keep children in sight, particularly when walking or cycling on the roads, but also how difficult it can be to make them wear highly visible clothing they think is ‘uncool’.

As a solution to this, Caroline produced a great range of fun designs and had them printed in high-visibility ink onto short sleeved t-shirts, long sleeved skater tops and other garments. The tops feature 360° visibility and maximise the available light to intensify the impact of glowing colours and eye-catching designs. Her vision is to improve the visibility of children, whether playing outside or walking along the road.

In 2012, Caroline teamed up with EASST to produce a road safety themed t-shirts and hat (pictured). The t-shirts and hats will be used by EASST’s partners in Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus during their child visibility campaigns and will be used by EASST and its partners as school competition prizes.

The high visibility children’s t-shirt with zebra crossing and the new EASST beanie hat

Further information about GLOWkids can be found on their website: