EASST partner Make Roads Safe Hellas (MRSH) have been using EASST’s new educational resources to engage kids in road safety learning. Six-hundred children from pre-schools across Chania – Crete took part, engaging in road safety learning through a variety interactive activities and games.

The children, aged between 3-5 years old, played a ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ game where they role-played as road users, taking notice of dangerous traffic situations as well as engaging in activities around how they get to school every day, what vehicles their parents use, how roads might be dangerous, how they walk on the street, how they cross the road, and where to sit in the car and use a seatbelt.

In subsequent sessions, MRSH will return to each of the pre-schools in Chania to refresh the key road safety messages and increase road safety awareness.

A full set of photographs from the sessions can be viewed on MRSH’s Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/51042349@N00/albums/72157666307795160

The initiative was run in partnership with the Municipality of Chania.