Nikki (Nigar Jamal) wears the UN Decade of Action tag - a symbol of the UN road safety campaignEurovision Song Contest winner Nikki launched a new campaign in Baku on 23rd April 2012, organised by EASST partner HAYAT, to save lives in Azerbaijan in support of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety and of EASST’s work in the region.

At the Hilton Hotel Baku, Nikki spoke about her commitment to road safety in Azerbaijan and released a clip of her new music video ‘Can’t Let You Go’. The 2011 Eurovision champion’s new song and video, with a powerful road safety message, will be released in May 2012 as part of EASST’s campaign to increase the levels of seat belt wearing in Azerbaijan, and in support of the UN Decade of Action which aims to save five million lives and prevent 50 million serious injuries around the world over the next 10 years.

Speaking at the event, Nikki said: “I know that music can be incredibly powerful in getting messages across, particularly to young people. My mission is to help save lives in Azerbaijan, to reduce the numbers of casualties on our roads. I’m urging everyone to wear a seatbelt and to support the Decade of Action for Road Safety.”

To further emphasize her message, Nikki unveiled a ‘Seatbelt Slide’ at the event. The slide, which will be open to the public, is a simulator which demonstrates the importance of wearing a seatbelt even at relatively low speeds. The Seatbelt Slide has been donated to Azerbaijan by EASST and independent charity the FIA Foundation.

Using the slide, Nikki demonstrates the importance of using a seat belt Anri Jokhadze is campaigning in neighbouring country Georgia






Nikki was joined at the launch event by Anri Jokhadze, the Georgian entrant of the 2012 Eurovision contest who has been working to raise awareness for road safety in his country. In collaboration with Georgian Public Broadcasting  and EASST partner the Partnership for Road Safety, Anri promoted a video at the event calling for parents to use child safety restraints. Anri’s trip and participation at the event were funded by EASST who are enormously proud to have enlisted both Nikki and Anri as their road safety ambassadors in the region.

Dmitry Sambuk comments on the increasing number of road fatalities in Azerbaijan Colonel Lieutenant Aliyev, Head of the Department of the Traffic Police of Azerbaijan







Also speaking at the launch was EASST’s Regional Coordinator Dmitry Sambuk who spoke of the increasing number of road casualties in Azerbaijan and called for organizations and other bodies to unite to save lives and reverse this trend in Azerbaijan.  The event guests and media representatives also heard from Azar Allahveranov, Chairman of HAYAT International Humanitarian Organization and Colonel Lieutenant Kamran Aliyev Head of the Department of the Traffic Police of Azerbaijan, who both called for greater road safety awareness and a unification of efforts.

The successful event, which received a great deal of media attention, was organised by EASST partner, HAYAT, who will continue to hold seat belt awareness events via use of the Seat Belt Slide.

Photos courtesy of Majid Aliyev

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