Nikki, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, has pledged her support to EASST’s efforts to raise road safety awareness in Azerbaijan. Vusal Rajabli,Vusal Rajabli, EASST Azerbaijan Partner with Nikki, winner of Eurovision 2011 President of the youth NGO ‘HAYAT’ (meaning ‘life’), has recruited Nigar Jamal as EASST’s ambassador in Azerbaijan, promoting a road safety message aimed particularly at young drivers. Nikki has agreed to star in a new music video to be launched by HAYAT in time for the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku in May 2012 – coinciding with the first anniversary of the launch of the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety.

Nikki said: “As a mother of two I want to see much more done to protect children on our roads. Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people worldwide, and this is not acceptable. This is why I’m supporting the UN Decade of Action. We need action to save lives in my country, Azerbaijan, and around the world.”

The new music video will follow the success of ‘Cix Get,’ HAYAT’s first road safety video produced with EASST support in December 2010. ‘Cix Get’ featured rap star Elsad Xose and pop singer Elli, with lyrics promoting seat belts and the Decade of Action. Ten months after its launch the video achieved close to 100,000 hits on YouTube sites, particularly reaching the target audience of young men and women.

“The world will be coming to Baku next May for the Eurovision Contest,” said Vusal. “With Nikki’s tremendous talent and support, we can help broadcast our road safety message not only in Azerbaijan, but to participants and viewers across the globe.”

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