Road Safety in Georgia

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We support road safety in Georgia through our local partners, the Partnership for Road Safety, a non-profit organisation that promotes road safety and sustainable urban transport through research, advocacy, educational and awareness raising projects. It was established in 2006 with support of the FIA Foundation, the British Council and local Georgian organisations concerned with the growing number of road traffic crashes and fatalities.

Awareness raising campaigns and targeted stakeholder engagement through multipronged approaches are at the core of their approach. The Partnership has conducted numerous wide-scale projects and campaigns, including providing road safety education to over 100 local schools and offering technical expertise and policy advice to municipalities in the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans to improve public transport, promote walking and cycling, and support mobility of vulnerable populations.

The advocacy work of the Partnership is carried out in close coordination with local organisations active in the field of urban mobility and sustainability, such as the Alliance for Safe Roads, Iare Pehkit, Tbilisi Bicycle Club, Urban Lab and others. Together they co-organise regular civic actions on urban liveability, pedestrian and cyclist safety and engage with national and local level stakeholders, advocating for the necessary legal and administrative adjustments in line with meeting the goals of the transport-related objectives of the EU Association Agreement.

UNECE Road Safety Performance Review: Georgia

This UNECE Road Safety Performance Review was developed with the support of EASST partners Partnership for Road Safety in 2018. It identifies the most critical aspects for the development of the national road safety system of Georgia and offers recommendations for its improvement. It included analyses of: the legal and institutional framework for road safety, the current road safety situation and trends, limitations in capacities, financial and human resources, gaps in the national legal and regulatory framework, compliance of Georgian legislation with international road safety instruments, and coordination among road safety stakeholders. (2018)

Georgia Road Safety Facts

Drivers and/or passengers of HGVs account for 6% all road deaths.

80% drivers and front seat passengers wear seat belts.

There are on average 514 road fatalities every year.

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Partnership for Road Safety

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