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We support road safety in Greece through our local partners Make Roads Safe Hellas (MRSH). MRSH was founded in Chania, Crete in 2010 as a supporter of the international Make Roads Safe campaign and aims to raise awareness of the impact that road traffic collisions can have on sustainable development, ensure political commitment and promote road safety in Greece.

The rate of road fatalities and injuries in Greece is amongst the highest in Western Europe and has critical implications for the country’s development.

Between 2010-2012 Make Roads Safe Hellas led the highly successful transnational cooperation for South East Europe to eliminate high-risk roads (SENSoR Project). The project involved surveying 15,000 km of roads in the region, highlighting road risk and developing ‘Safer Roads Investment Plans’ for public authorities.

They are now working to transform road safety education in Chania city’s public schools. As of 2018, they have provided road safety training to over 2000 schoolchildren using the EASST Road Safety Education Pack as well as providing information to parents and decision makers on the importance of keeping children safe as both vehicle passengers and pedestrians. In 2016, the Pack was voted by teachers in Chania as the number 1 initiative introduced in schools. The Education Pack is now also being used to train children via the Hellenic Motor Museum’s road safety programme in Athens.



Greece Road Safety Facts

Over a third of road deaths in Greece are motorcycle related.

Only 23% back seat passengers wear seat belts.

There are on average 1013 road fatalities every year.

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Make Roads Safe Hellas

Make Roads Safe Hellas

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Preschool children in Chania get road safety education

Find out how to make the most of the EASST Road Safety Education Pack with our free online course for education providers.

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