Donate today to save lives in Tajikistan – one of Central Asia’s poorest and most beautiful countries.

Here in the UK, we take for granted that help will arrive when we call 999. In sharp contrast for Tajik people, there is no guarantee that assistance will ever arrive when an emergency occurs.

Tajikistan has a particularly high road death rate (6 times that of the UK and rising) and is at high risk of natural disasters as a result of climate change and its location along a seismic rift yet Tajik emergency services have limited resources to respond. This means that lives that could be saved are being lost – children, mothers, fathers – daily throughout the country.

By donating to our cause, FIRE AID UK will deliver emergency response vehicles, rescue and medical equipment, and expert UK training to Tajik emergency services to help them respond to disasters faster, safer and more effectively and thereby reducing the unnecessary loss of life.

A team of intrepid UK firefighters and others will volunteer to drive the fire engines 4000 miles across Europe to Tajikistan and to deliver training to Tajik firefighters and others who will put our aid to excellent use in their communities. If you would like to save lives in Tajikistan, please support us by donating here!