EASST is delighted to announce the inclusion of Make Roads Safe Hellas (MRSH) among our EASST partner organisations. MRSH has been working in Greece since 2008 to raise road safety higher on the political agenda. It has also been leading a highly successful trans-national cooperation for a South East Europe free of high risk roads – the SENSoR Project.

Under the management of MRSH, the South East Neighbourhood Safe Routes (SENSoR) project was carried out from 2012 to 2015, including collaboration with other EASST partner organisations such as the Automobile Club of Moldova. The SENSoR trans-national collaboration is the largest of its type in the world and the second largest single Road Assessment Programme.
The collaboration spanned 14 European countries: Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine. The project was implemented by 8 main partners notably from the regions’ motoring club network. Moreover, 16 organizations, including charities, universities, ministries and roads agencies acted as Project Observers and offered valuable recommendations to the project.
The project developed plans to eliminate high risk roads through:
1. A programme of Risk Mapping on the trans-European road network (TEN-T) throughout the SEE Programme Area based on recorded deaths and serious injuries and traffic censuses;
2. A fuller programme of Risk Mapping in participating countries to include busy national and regional roads, or to determine the limitations of existing data recording systems on networks where this cannot be achieved;
3. A programme of road inspections in participating countries on a network on which road deaths are concentrated and undertake (i) safety rating of this infrastructure (Star Rating) for up to 4 road-user classes, and (ii) “bank ready” high-return Safer Roads Investment Plans (SRIP) capable of being implemented as free-standing schemes, within periodic maintenance or within new build and rehabilitation programmes;
4. A programme of mass communications and professional outreach and training involving international figures and celebrities to enable public, political and professional support for safe infrastructure
The risk maps produced by SENSOR are an invaluable resource for policy makers throughout the region and are making a real impact in improving road safety.
For more information, videos, pictures, brochures and the SENSoR results visit the project’s website or Make Roads Safe Hellas website