“Countries, including the UK, can no longer rise to the policing challenges of the 21st century in isolation. We need to partner with, act alongside, influence, learn from and support overseas national police capabilities if our own is to be fit for purpose.”

EASST Director, Emma MacLennan, talks about EASST's police partnerships

This was the key message at the launch of the UK’s new Joint International Policing Hub (JIPH) in Liverpool on March 21-22.  The JIPH is a partnership between HM Government departments (including DfID, the Home Office, FCO, MOD), the National Crime Agency, the College of Policing, the National Police Coordination Centre, the national Counter Terrorism network and others. This will become the single, recognised gateway into and out of UK international policing assistance structures for domestic and global partners.

The launch conference on “Influencing Beyond Borders” kicked off with a keynote address by the Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP, UK Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service, who set the scene with a strong commitment to the UK’s role in helping build capacity in international policing. The event brought together over 100 key organisations and individuals currently playing a leading role in overseas development of policing, with speakers from a range of government departments, academia the police services – including EASST Director Emma MacLennan who helped set the scene on the first day.

Serghei Diaconu with the Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP

Also invited to the launch was EASST’s Moldovan partner and Advisory Board member Serghei Diaconu. The example of the far-reaching reforms to road policing in Moldova spearheaded by Serghei and their effect in reducing casualties, combatting corruption, improving local governance and police/community relations was much discussed during the conference. It was a great honour that Serghei was the only international guest representing a road safety NGO invited to attend and contribute. As one participant said, “Good road safety policing can bring very important wider benefits as well as reducing road casualties.”

The Moldovan example involved a ground-breaking EASST initiative in 2010 sponsored by the World Bank, involving EASST partners and operational road police officers from the UK, Moldova and Georgia. See the report below. 

Moldova’s achievement in police reform received an International Global Road Safety Award from HRH Prince Michael of Kent in 2013.

The JIPH will play a vital role over the coming years in exporting and exchanging best practice in policing. EASST welcomes this excellent initiative.

Download the conference brochure here.

Road Safety Enforcement and Traffic Policing in Moldova

Road Safety Enforcement and Traffic Policing in MoldovaThis report by the Automobile Club of Moldova is based on the results of a police exchange programme organised between Moldova, Georgia and the UK at the request of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. The report describes the key areas where police reform and support are clearly needed, and to point to issues requiring attention.