A paper on “Cross-Cultural Comparison of Iran-Georgia Major Driving Behavior Problems” has been presented at the 4th International Road Safety Congress in Tehran, Iran on February 18th 2015. An abstract of the report has also been published in the Neuroscience Journal of Shefaye Khatam, 2015 (see p.33 – open PDF). The report, a joint effort by EASST’s partner the Georgian ‘Partnership for Road Safety’ and the ‘Road Safety Supporters Society’ in Iran, concludes that while cultural norms, awareness raising and enforcement methods vary from country to country, there are many similarities between the challenges faced by middle income countries in the region. The authors recommend regional road safety cooperation and sharing of best practice as a means of helping to reduce road casualties.

The report was one result of an international road and traffic safety workshop in Batumi, Georgia, organized by the Partnership for Road Safety during December 2014. The workshop brought together road safety campaigners, engineers, professionals and policy makers from Europe, South Caucasus, Middle East and Central Asian regions to share experiences.