On 10th September, the National Patrol Inspectorate, in cooperation with EASST partner the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), saw the launch of their new Junior Police Troop.

Amongst the duties of the 40 little police officers will be the promotion of child safety in road traffic, involving both children as well as their parents in awareness raising activities related to the use of seat belts and the importance of respecting road traffic rules.

During the launch the ACM simulated a “road safety town” where the children learned about the importance of respecting traffic rules as well as practicing some key methods and measures to keep safe on the roads. They were also given school supplies, reflective accessories, and information leaflets to educate them in the spirit of fair and conscious behavior in the street.

Meanwhile, their parents were given a ‘seat belt slide’ demonstration, which simulates a frontal collision at a speed of 12-15 km/h. The simulator, which was donated by the FIA Foundation and EASST, enabled the adults to experience for themselves the effects of a crash whilst showing the children why it is important to wear their seat belt and what happens when they don’t.

At the end of the event the ACM was awarded with a certificate of thanks from the National Patrol Inspectorate for their contribution to capacity building in the promotion of road safety.